JANOSKA STYLE – Two violins, a concert grand, a double-bass: four instruments are all the Janoska Ensemble needs to get any auditorium buzzing. The musicians take centre stage, elegant in dark suits as ever, and it takes them only a few bars to get moving and set off a musical firework display in their legendary Janoska Style. Their energy communicates itself to the audience straight away and reverberates back on to the stage as enthusiasm. Julius Darvas is cousin to the three brothers Ondrej, František and Roman Janoska. The man with the big double-bass emcees their programmes and this is how he describes that Janoska concert impact: “The mood in the audience is reflected 1:1 in how much we put into our playing; the feedback is particularly strong when we improvise. We give – we get – we give more – we take more – there’s no end to it. Then the energy really begins to circulate round the concert hall!”

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Janoska Ensemble

Janoska Style

Janoska Ensemble

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