Where there are to be variations, there must first be themes. The Janoska Ensemble will never have any shortage of those. The four thoroughbred musicians draw their themes from rich stores of treasure: from all styles, lands and eras. Schooled in the classics, they travel unblinkered and unafraid through the musical universe, enriching their repertoire with gold-standard themes, old favourites and new surprises, from here, there and everywhere. The unifying synthesis of genres like classical, jazz, pop and the music of regional traditions is honed to perfection in their jointly crafted arrangements under the inimitable “Janoska Style” banner.



In its “Variations” programme, the Janoska Ensemble stages a new “Best-Of” among its wide range of styles along with its own compositions in breathtaking arrangements full of microsecond timing. Its tributes to the old masters are serious and flowing with elegance, its energy-packed creative eruptions and spontaneous improvisations alternate between virtuosity, humour and coolness. The common factor in all this is the music and the multiplicity of intensive feelings that it arouses in the audience and in the musicians themselves. This important synthesis is what the Janoska Ensemble is all about; it is the very reason why the famous four go on stage and give their all at each and every performance!

The Janoska Style contains everything that hallmarks the Janoska Ensemble as a top-quality team building on the sure foundation of proven classical principles for each of the four, years of practical experience from early childhood, the family bonds of shared music-making in the ensemble, uttermost technical perfection, unbounded joy in playing and their rediscovered art of free improvisation. Then there is the 250-year-old, deeply rooted and passionately felt musical tradition in the house of the three Janoska brothers, Ondrej, František and Roman, with their cousin Julius Darvas representing a third virtuoso double-bass generation as his contribution to the ensemble.

The “Variations” programme certainly deserves its subtitle “and Celebrations!” and its generous passages of improvisation ensure that it is constantly evolving. And there will be inspired new themes too to give the unique Janoska Ensemble wings and keep it prancing and dancing!

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