Mulatság” is the Hungarian word for feast. What “Janoska” means has likewise made the rounds: thrilling music from every stylistic current and musical improvisation at the highest level. For New Year’s Eve the Janoskas have prepared a special treat: they’ve sent moderator Christoph Wagner-Trenkwitz on a musical wild-goose chase. Find the lost tune and the Big Mulatság!



The journey takes us all over the continent and far beyond. We meet the superb “street trumpeter” Thomas Gansch in Paris, the flamenco dancer Nina Corti in Granada, the soprano Daniela Fally in Budapest, the dance troupe Roma Festo in Rumania and, in Buenos Aires, Uncle Ferry Janoska, serving us (what else!) tangos with his bandoneon. No less conventional than the itinerary is the boldly imaginative and highly virtuosic way that the Janoskas treat the classics and their own compositions: they sprinkle Balkan rhythms into Johann Strauss’s Fledermaus Overture, add Cole Porter to Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata and a dash of rumba to Mozart. Béla Korény’s spicy Rumanian Dances rub shoulders with the nostalgic Robert Stolz standard Spiel auf deiner Geige – “Play Your Violin” (the violinists Bandi, Ondrej and Roman Janoska don’t have to be asked twice!). At the end of this remarkable New Year’s event you’ll know exactly what mulatság means. After all, you’ll have been smack dab in the middle of it!

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