Hollywood! This hot-spot of film history is surrounded by an almost magical aura, proudly defying all the changes that have taken place in the medium of film. Hollywood – the name that summons up unforgettable films and their unattainable superstars – stands just as much for milestones in film music, which have lent great scenes the last word in emotion and helped make them immortal.



Great cinema – in one’s head, at least – is rolled out by the Janoska Ensemble with its illustrative programme, conceptually and artistically approximating the Hollywood phenomenon.  Its title “Janoskas go Hollywood” sums it up exactly: the four musicians cross the Atlantic with a mixture of reverence and irony in search of great film composers. Their cineastic journey leads them into selected film sets, in which they and their instruments display ready-to-film “action”.

Their hallmark, the Janoska Style, provides the editing technique for their film programme. After all, the Janoska Ensemble has developed the creative cut-and-paste of works in various music styles to inimitable perfection. The compositions they have arranged for their hand-picked Hollywood programme bear great names from the Old and New World and come from a dizzyingly wide range of genres: Ennio Morricone, Johann Strauss, John Barry, Beethoven, Cole Porter, Max Steiner, John Williams, Carlos Gardel, Lalo Schifrin and Paganini. Some numbers are audibly spiced with Viennese music tradition, which in itself is a welcome reminder of the many Hollywood composers with Viennese roots. Mastermind behind the majority of these arrangements is František Janoska, the ensemble’s versatile pianist. But up on stage, playing live, these four instrumental stars prove that each piece is a joint venture. Their versions of Deborah’s Theme, Lalo Schifrin’s Mission Impossible or John Williams’ Sabrina are an experience in 3D for the ears when the lights go down in the hall and the word is: let the film music play!

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