Since the release on Deutsche Grammophon of the Janoska Ensemble’s debut album “Janoska Style”, that same Janoska Style has evolved into a brand and a guarantee of quality.

The success of the ensemble is the proof. Since their CD presentation in 2016, these creative musicians have won the hearts of thousands of enthusiastic fans on four continents with their unique talent for combining different musical genres.



Variations, improvisations and a stream of new musical settings make up their programmes. So it is no surprise that the four musicians are more than equal to the large-scale form: their first symphonic programme “Janoska Style goes Symphonic” takes it for granted that the breathtaking numbers on that gold-status CD belong on the concert platform. Sophisticated arrangements merge and separate the roles of orchestra and soloists in a sequence that could be spontaneous, so natural is it.

Despite the written-out orchestral parts, the concerted playing always sounds flexible and free. If the orchestra takes a back seat for the four soloists, it soon returns in full force to take part in the stupendous Janoska Style. Nor does that apply just to the many fast numbers on the programme. Gentle “sweet treats” like the elegiac yearning of “Contigo della Distancia” shimmer above an enchanting backdrop of orchestral voices: Janoska Style in Cinemascope.

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