The Janoska Ensemble’s “Blue Note” programme presents the four musicians (almost) entirely in the context of blue notes – those special tones that make the blues what they are: midway through a melody they fall on the ear as wistful, wry or actually pretty cool notes, which in classical music, with very few exceptions, are not to be found, indeed are not allowed. They lie between pure intervals, strike into the harmonies off-key, spreading blue moods – emotional states that vary from “wistfully beautiful” and “sad” to “really sad and sorry”.



But none of the concert programmes offered by the life-affirming Janoska Ensemble runs the risk of gloomy spells! In these arrangements, the four all-rounders prefer to bring out the strong musical timbres that their scattered blue notes create in well-known yet specially rearranged works. Taking pieces particularly suited for the purpose, they have compiled a sort of “blue suite” of familiar, tuneful pieces plus their own compositions. Needless to say, they stay true to the living legend of their own “Janoska Style”. That means that they select works from various musical genres, cultural spheres and historical eras, enriching them in their inimitable manner and melding them into new numbers.  The three brothers Ondrej, František and Roman Janoska and their cousin Julius Darvas know how to do all that with musical sensitivity, utmost technical virtuosity and constant fresh supplies of joyful improvisation.

It can reasonably be assumed that the often highly respected composers of the original works would not only have consented to such musical synthesis but would have taken real delight in these arrangements.

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