For this special programme, the Janoska Ensemble plunges deep into the treasure-chest of classical music literature. These are carefully selected works by Vivaldi, Vitali, Bach and Handel, which the four musicians have taken into the Janoska music laboratory and subjected to their patented transformation and rejuvenation cure known as “Janoska Style”. Details of the recipes are top secret, but it is audible that they draw on fields of music such as jazz & pop and from the Balkan ethno tradition. So the Janoska Ensemble is gently nudging various musical worlds and their fans towards one another.


Janoska-Ensemble © Julia Wesely


That comes straight over in the programme title “Baroque Groove”. At the same time, this blend of words spanning the centuries is a statement pure and simple that the Janoska Ensemble will take these 300-year-old pieces of music and really let them groove. With all due respect for Baroque composers like J.S. Bach, who often have their own groove, the four musicians add something of their own, the groove of the 21st century. They do so with elegant ease, another hallmark alongside their other capabilities that establishes the international uniqueness of the Janoska Ensemble.


Brothers Ondrej, František and Roman Janoska and their cousin Julius Darvas are an ensemble of “soloists who perform together”. Their playing technique and artistic sensitivity are unsurpassable. They each enjoyed the best possible education, while learning from childhood how to play and improvise together. In their case, then, the “icing on the cake” is a shared music-making full of verve and humour, spontaneous and creative and demonstrating moment by moment their palpable joy in the intuitive immediacy of making music together. Music for an audience that is charged with prime Janoska energy. A great feeling and a great groove.

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