• Janoska Ensemble at the Hannover Proms

    The Ensemble performs on Sept 8 at the Hannover Proms!
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    Ahoj Bratislava! Pomaly sa blíži náš koncert v sále Slovenského rozhlasu. Po vypredaní prvého koncertu, pridávame ďalší o 18.00h. Nezmeškajte príležitosť a zabezpečte si lístky na stránke http://www.citysounds.sk

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    Viva Musica!

    Tak ako sme slúbili, zverejňujeme výhercu projektu #VivaUlica, ktorý bude osobne účinkovať na našom Janoska Ensemble koncerte. Gratulujeme! ~~ #JanoskaStyle Frantisek Janoska

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    Live from Elbphilharmonie! 😉

    4 days ago

    “The members of the Janoska Ensemble are wonderful musicians and I have always loved hearing them perform live.”
    Anna Netrebko, soprano
    “The way in which this ensemble approaches well-known pieces is hugely refreshing – so much imagination, so much musical sensitivity and such great skill: in a word, inspired!”
    Alois Posch, double bass player
    “The Janoska Ensemble is one of the most original groups of extremely talented musicians, who are very unique in performing classical music, jazz, Latin and other genres. Their inspiration is inexhaustible and they deserve everyone’s attention and enthusiasm.”
    Lalo Schifrin, Hollywood composer
    “I was very impressed upon discovering the Janoska Ensemble with their unique sound combined with extremely high-quality virtuosic playing. Their exciting interpretations and creative arrangements in their own very individual style produce a very innovative and refreshing new approach to music-making. I wish them the great success that they deserve!”
    Mischa Maisky, cellist
    “I have just finished listening to the Janoska CD and am in heaven. This is an album full of wonderful surprises and great musicianship! Bravo!!!”
    Michel Camilo, pianist
    “The Janoska Ensemble is an exceptional ensemble that performs outstanding arrangements – a genuine discovery for me and one that people will hear a lot more about!”
    Christoph Eschenbach, pianist and conductor
    “As an ensemble they are a whiff of fresh air, combining their outstanding, individual talents with their family ties. They have become successful in performing in a variety of genres in their unique ‘Janoska style’, which is creating a new hybrid genre.”
    Julian Rachlin, violonist

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    Vienna, Austria
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    The time has come: We are happy to perform on Sept 8 at the Hannover Proms! See you there! Together with Chief Conductor Andrew Manze, the orchestra offers a glittering prelude with a special program and the Janoska Ensemble will be part of it! This year, the concert event will also be a cinema experience: it will be broadcast…

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    František Janoska’s Symphony No. 1 – “Impressions Along The Danube”

    František Janoska, born in Bratislava in 1986, is known as a much-sought-after and widely respected musician. He is the pianist and often the arranger of the virtuosic Janoska Ensemble, and for many years he has also shown off his pianistic skills with noted artists and in high-profile music shows and festivals. His great ability is…

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